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What would you do as president to fix this mess

I keep hearing that the debacle called obamas presidency was good. So instead I decided to say what I would do to fix the situation. He could do this stuff too if he wanted to fix it but he doesn't.

Repeal obamacare
Enact legislation to require presisting conditions to be covered
Enact legislation to allow kids to stay on parents policies till they're 26
Allow interstate offering of insurance
Reform tort laws to stop frivolous and overly costly lmedical lawsuits

This would drastically reduce healthcare costs and retain the only positives of obamacare.

Foreign politics.
Resestablish good relations with Israel
Force friendly Arab countries to attack Isis in conjunction with American boots on the ground.
Leave Syria to Russia with two conditions. No more Assad and no more Isis.
Tear up Iran treaty
Reimpose sanctions
Park military on Iran's border and tell them to dismantle completely their nuclear program.
Broadcast loudly to Iranian people that we will support a democratic overthrow.

Renegotiate trade imbalance to where it is equal.

Mexico and immigration
Build a real wall with national guard patrolling
Tell illegals they need to register within 6 months. Ones that do can stay if they can show they have gainful employment, start paying taxes, and aren't felons. Ones that can't deport.
Revise immigration policy to allow skilled labor to immigrate easily.
Pass a law requiring people born in the U.S. to only get citizenship if born to parents here legally.
Prosecute officials who create and maintain sanctuary cities and remove federal assistance from them until they comply.

Reset minimum to higher wage and have it raise or lower with inflation with a max annual change of 5%.

Education costs.
Tell universities that if they raise tuition faster than inflation they loose the ability for their students to get federal assistance

Repeal frank Dodd
Put in new legislation that isn't as restrictive to business but prevents another housing crisis.

Taxes. Lower corporate taxes by half.
Create a 10% consumption tax on everything except basic essentialstuff such as food and clothing, etc. and eliminate I federal income tax on the bottom 90% of earners.
Put additional income tax on top 10% of earners of 30%.

Allow a percentage of social security for people 10 years or longer from retirement to be invested in diversified mutual funds or similar like a 401k

Create a federal carry permit that allows legal non felons and non mental illness suffers to carry firearms freely
Remove state and local firearms restrictions and create a unified set of ownership, purchase, and background checks nationally

Expand the special forces, rapid deployment forces, heavy lifting capabilities, and ground attack aircraft capabilities

Gut and reboot the VA including the private sector

Remove tenure
Allow voucher system for private education creating competition and allowing people to choose where they want to go

Repeal kennedys law that allowed government workers to unionize

Reinstate clintons/Gingrich requirement that able bodied people capable of working must do so to get welfare

Child protection
Require websites with sexual or violent content to verify with valid ID to access content.

Voter ID requirement. National computer system to stop repeat voting and dead guys voting

Religious freedoms
Protect established landmarks, traditions, etc from being destroyed. Ex 10 commandments on a courthouse
Do not require private businesses to provide services to people that goes against their religious beliefs

Allow nuclear plants to be built.
Reopen coal and create clean coal plants
Reopen federal lands to energy exploration and production
Keystone built
ANWR built

Abortion and planned parenthood
Outlaw profiting from baby tissue
Stop funding of any government money spent on an organization performing abortion
Outlaw late term abortion and prosecute

Eliminate the EPA, curtail the IRS.

Enforce federal law everywhere. Jail those selling in Colorado and outlaw medical Marijuana. I don't have a problem with pot but if you want it legal do a national referendum and have it legalized everywhere or no where.

Flame away liberals
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