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Ok, serious answer now:

I would make the US more like Europe when it comes to healthcare and education for starters.(Free and not allowing them to get rich by enslaving people to their loans)
Seriously reduce and control the cost of medications(bye bye billion dollar thievery corporation pharmaceutical companies)
Increase the fundign for actual cures and cut funding for medication to almost nothing.

-Restructure the FDA so it's not a mafia anymore, raising the bar of quality of foods, and animal rights. (bye bye Monsanto and other companies that are filling our foods with chemicals and poison/ No more GMO's, no more hormones in animals and bye bye to greedy big farms that thrive off animal cruelty)

-Restructure the Prison system so it's not a billion dollar business and actually for what it is originally intended to be.
Have prisoners sentences greatly reduced if they get an actual degree and show evidence of being able to get a hold a real world job.

- End "fake war on drugs" Use that money towards healthcare

-Cap CEO/COO earnings, making it fair for all workers.

-Reduce military spending and increase renewable energy or free energy research funding

-Restructure foreign policy, but I admit I dont know enough about it to talk too much but enough of these BS "fake" campaigns just for monetary gain.( actually be more involved in the UN in the same depth as other countries, actually even more, and be a real axample, and not acting as if we are better then them and in it for our own agendas)

-Create a "cold war/race" towards absolutely free energy and technology, stop spending billions on space exploration and start spending it towards making our country/planet functional and healthy for all first.

-restructure Dept of energy(Yes it's evil)

there is much more but I can't think straight right now.

(I agree with this):
Renegotiate trade imbalance to where it is equal.

Mexico and immigration
Build a real wall with national guard patrolling
Tell illegals they need to register within 6 months. Ones that do can stay if they can show they have gainful employment, start paying taxes, and aren't felons. Ones that can't deport.
Revise immigration policy to allow skilled labor to immigrate easily.
Pass a law requiring people born in the U.S. To only get citizenship if born to parents here legally.
Prosecute officials who create and maintain sanctuary cities and remove federal assistance from them until they comply."
First "real" widebody M3 ever thread.

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