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Originally Posted by vachss View Post
Quick history refresher my little friend. Obama had true control of congress for 4 *months* not 2 years. First Norm Coleman tied up the Minnesota Senatorial result for 6 months, preventing Al Franken from being seated until July of 2009. Then Ted Kennedy died in August - leaving the Democrats with a filibuster-proof supermajority for 1 month. Then Paul Kirk was appointed his replacement in September, but Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts seat shortly thereafter, and the democrats haven't had enough of a majority to stop a filibuster since.

During their very brief interval of control the senate Democrats managed to pass the ACA and Dodd-Frank. Just think of all the delightful liberal mayhem they might have been able to enact if they really had control for anything close to 2 years.
And now the GOP, whose only policy since 2008 has been to obstruct, can sit back and say how bad BO was. Funny how that works. What's sad is that so many people buy into it.
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