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Originally Posted by csu87 View Post
just went through and went for new maxes last week. Been a little over 1.5yrs since shoulder surgery (labrum repair) and I still dont feel comfortable with a lot of the clean/snatch movements to put any kind of real weight on them. Im almost back to my before surgery Bench and Squats, but Deadlifts still lacking about 50-60lbs.

Deadlift: 465 lb
Back Squat: 405 lb (with knee supports, about 285 without them and a lot of crying)
Front Squat: 295 lb
Bench: 315 lb
Squat Clean: -
Power Clean: 225 lb
Clean and Jerk: -
Power Snatch: -
Snatch: -

Body Weight ~190s depending on how much i drink the night before.
I had shoulder surgery before I started crossfit. Took me forever just to get the flexibility for jerks/snatches/overhead squats so I feel your pain. Thats crazy that knee wraps make such a big difference for your squat! I find that I feel more confident going for big numbers when I have them on but I don't think they assist me all that much. BTW jealous you live in Colorado. My gf and I are thinking of moving out there within the next couple years. How do you like living there?