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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
1) I was trying to be condescending - just not to you. It was rhetorical and should have been condescending to anyone who thinks that government is the solution to college inflation, rather than the culprit. Mea Cupla anyway.

2) It isn't really that unique. You will find out of control inflation costs in nearly anything that has substantial government influence causing non-market related supply or demand artificial corrections. The housing bubble was one example I gave. Another is defense contract spending. There are many more.
Defense spending is a train wreck in its own ecosystem, so I wouldn't include that personally.

Housing is closer, but I'm not sure even housing prices saw 400+% inflation, certainly not in a majority of places.

Like I said, there is definitely no good or service that I use in my life that has increased anywhere near that rate since the mid-90s, to include housing.