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Originally Posted by Captain Blood View Post
As an example, there was a moon landing 1969. A lot of the same language was used by all the news outlets.

Zwang And kite surfer/liberty will tell you it's fake, I say it was news, and it was reported on. Much like the news today.
I recall the landing but I don’t recall flipping between the three networks and PBS or even considering how it was being reported - I wasn’t a teenager yet. But it wouldn’t surprise me if your statement is correct, because there was only one source for video, audio and “news” about the landing and moon walk, and that was NASA. Which supports the OP (in this case you, I and most others accept the reporting as true).

With more “news” television and all of the entertainment-styled-as-news there is more opportunity to have the Illusory Truth Effect with erroneous, or even blatantly false information. This is particularly true with opinion masking as news on so many cable networks.

When there is a repeated error, hyperbole or falsehood, the correction, if it comes, never receives the same degree of echo, so the impression, if not the error, remains. This is obvious in any newspaper, where error corrections are printed in regular font in an inconspicuous place, once. Yet the story and attendant editorials likely were multiple.

TLDR: it isn’t a problem if the story is factual, but it is when there are errors or blatant falsehoods. The fact that it occurs suggests common sourcing for the story.