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Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
I wouldn't call them significant. According to that post, the crankshaft, bearings, valves, cams, and block are the same. Architecture seems to be the same as well. Everything works the same way and parts are probably interchangeable on both engine version.

The only differences pointed out are the pistons, rods, turbocharger, and head. Most likely the head, pistons (& rings) and conrods were just made to withstand a bit more power. The mechanical bits in the head are all identical. The only real part that makes a difference in power would be the turbocharger and the engine tune. And I bet the engine tune has more to do with the power bump than the turbo.
Semantics; my point is that it isn't just a software difference, there are a number of different components as well, and not just easy bolt on stuff. I do agree and believe that the output is probably due to programming more than anything and the M1 can likely easily be reprogrammed to produce more power than the stock O1 but you can't "make" an M1 into an O1 without changing alot of hardware.


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