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You think cars and houses are bad... look at cell phones.

Now that they are not being rolled into your minutes plan anymore and the consumer is paying full price on interest free financing, phones have nearly doubled in pricing.
My 6plus was a $750 top of the line phone 5 years ago. I paid $300 for it new 5 years ago because the monthly plan was the same buying or not buying and it was time to retire the 3GS. Still works.

But you have people getting pissed because they have to simply pay their past due $300 bill before they can finance 2-3 $1100 phones that will only be worth what I paid new for mine next year when they want to buy next years model. As if somehow their inability to keep up with their bills and being denied the ability to buy a new phone is condemning them to a life de ok’d of meaning.

And they do it. Over and over and over again.