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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
You conveniently ignore the guy who started all of this. GW Bush.

You also ignore the republican congress which funded all this. Even during Obama years they are the ones who funded and pushed all this. Thy are the ones who made all the sanctions on Iran to create a hostile war like situation that did t exist before that.

Republicans = war. I think something about that concept was even their campaign slogan lol

Republicans are sick ppl because they love war and then lie about it.

Just like what trump did. Says he's pulling troops out but really puts troops into Syria and lies about it.

Pure shady republican strategy. Somehow trump putting troops into Syria this week and troops into Saudi Arabia this week is democrat or Obama fault right. Lol. There's a reason nobody respect republicans anymore
Show how much you know, our first major intervention in the middle east in (modern era) was under Harry S. Truman when he got us involve with the whole Israel statehood matter.

PS Truman was a democrat