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If your from Toronto you know we can get very humid hot days, but then some weather anomaly will bring in dry heat the next day and it keeps changing. Florida is always sticky ass humid all the time in the summer, great If you are near water or in a park but sitting in a car or near a concrete jungle and it's uncomfortable. I have friends that live in OC and they don't even use their a/c or own a unit, it's never humid just comfortable warmth but cost of living is high like the GTA.
I would also look at Nevada and Arizona or the Carolinas. Less or dry heat there and good bang for your buck. If you own a house in the GTA you are sitting on a huge pile of cash. I personally want to buy a winter home somewhere hot that I can Airbnb when I'm not using it. I'm thinking somewhere hot but not California due to costs. What job industry are you in? Florida does not have a diverse economy like Ontario or California