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Originally Posted by 1LRM3 View Post
show needs improvements....

over in the states, we have a channel dedicated to automobilia, etc... and other shows that beat TGUK and TGUSA by a long shot....
Which TV channel would you be referring to mate? We have some solid online content but nothing on TV... and it is because an automotive show would never get prime time viewing when garbage dramas and sci-fi are on with a larger viewing audience. Top Gear USA sucked but then again it was on the History channel which is a fail before it even starts, in addition the hosts cant gel at all. Top Gear UK was prime time Sunday nights on the BBC and was a show loved by many even outside of the Car world as it was also a very entertaining show... we neither have the car show nor the latter in this country on any TV channel... unless you are referring to the crap Speed TV used to show or MotorWeek TV lmao... What we need is something akin to motor trend ignition on prime time TV... albeit the viewership would never be there for something like this.
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