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Originally Posted by JayNayNay
Originally Posted by shoei View Post
Well... I think he just means there's literally been another post of the same topic so this is just a duplicate of a pre existing thread?

In simple terms, we already have a top gear thread which is like the original with the old crew, this is very much like the rebooted top gear with the new crew?

With that said - they should've just gone in a completely new direction instead of trying to force a bond like the old show... It's not working... BBC doesn't realize it's the chemistry of the old that made the show...
I know he was just saying there was another thread in which I searched and didn't find. Simple mistake made many times on forums, which I know is annoying but if you're not interested don't click on the thread.. Also doesn't need a sarcastic comment to point in the right direction...
Man, you're gonna need thicker skin around these parts... It's what we do in the OT, we give each other a hard time... I just finished telling a girl she has arthritis, told another he is about to collect social security, and I think as I type this they are giving someone nutritional tips about sausages and egg yolk but substitute it with male body parts if you catch my drift...

Sensitivity won't get you very far here is my point... Life's too short and it's the interwebs - can't take everything so seriously...

Plus, eal is on his best behavior right now... Fresh off of a deportation and exile...
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