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sticky in the fridge

So another 1st world problem.

Fridge/Freezer, I have a thermometer in the fridge, as I keep meds in there, so there is a band of temperature it needs to be in. So I put a thermometer in the fridge , I think it was a velcro sticky thing, hard has rock, difficult to shift.

So I thought I'd get a freezer one. now this is a problem.

There are "NO" instructions on how to stick it other than
*> use the attached magnets
*> use the suction cups

So the magnets don't stick
and the suction cups will stick, BUT after leaving the closed for a few hours the whole units slides down then falls off

any ideas? on how to get the suction cups to stick, or am I going to have to use sticky velcro

google turns up a blank
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