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Originally Posted by unluky View Post
100%. My father was raised as 1 of 9 children and was poor enough he never had shoes till the snow fell. His father died when he was 5 - so they were the definition of POOR. But it was the 30's - so lots of poor people - they all made due. He quit high school his senior year to join the military and never finished or did college. But from those poor beginnings he understood money and taught us to be very conservative and to buy with money not credit for everyday things.

He certainly was not "rich" by today's standards, but retired when he was ready, had a pretty nice retirement and died a millionaire. That does not mean as much today as it did when he was young, but he left this world debt free and left a nice chuck of land to my sister and I that we enjoy a modest profit off each year. We are both doing just fine ourselves, but I think with him starting with nothing - the fact he left us something was one of his best accomplishments to him.

It seems each generation loses 50% of their fear of debt because they no longer knew anyone that was as poor as they were back then. When you went hunting to eat - not sport. Crazy how times have changed. You can have a iPhone X and still be considered poor by today's standards.
lol and kids make fun of each other even in 20s about having old iphones and
fakeairpods. so how you think they going to grow up . there parents probably the same; lavished out in designer clothing and jewelry.

im sitting here north of 6 figures trying to save 50 cents at sonic drive thru for a pricing discrepncy. kid told me today to stop being a poor ass and that he wasn't going to argue with me. closed window on me. manager same deal. LOL. i was in my beater pilot, thank god i just laugh at these situations now; and don't let my ego get hurt by general stupidness. if i even muttered "oh come on man im pretty wealthy" that conversation would have taken a wild turn