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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post

You're putting words in my mouth and twisting what I said to suit your point. When did I say "eat whatever you want"? I know damn well that using hunger to regulate how much one eats is pointless if that person eats pizza and hot dogs to fill that hunger. You're making that up. I said if one follows the diet I mentioned (and I'm not going to repost it for the umpteenth time) and uses their hunger as a measure of how much to eat, along with following a training program, they'll lose weight.

Also, you're saying that I'm overlooking hydration. Is adding "drink plenty of water" after every damn thing I say not enough? Look back at my diet protocol. I specifically say "drink water" over and over again. Again, you're just putting words in my mouth - or taking them away in this case - to make your point look better.

BTW, still waiting on your answer: Are you Kurt Burden?
So people can eat whatever they want as long as they are following your predominantly salad and water diet? Got it.

I am not Kurt Burden.