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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
1) I mentioned dairy AND grain sensitivities. It's not my fault you don't read what I say.
Can you show me where you mentioned these sensitivities?

Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
2) Eating a diet rich in vegetables DOES NOT promote muscle wasting. You're spouting bodybuilder myths. I've seen guys in the service get strong as oxes while on a VERY limited calorie diet with little to no protein intake whatsoever. It's a tough world out there. People adapt. We don't all have machines hooked up to us every moment of the day optimizing our "carbohydrate metabolization" and whatnot.
Your cookie cutter program will not sit well with some like myself. It will promote muscle wasting. Please explain the physiology of your proposed plan with regards to how it promotes fat loss and the preservation of lean tissue.

The guys you talk about getting stronger may have improved their nervous system's ability to apply force. This is a major key to improving performance in athletes - training the muscle and training the nervous system. An increase in strength can occur without an increase in muscle size. A more efficient nervous system gets more out of the muscle you have already.

I am hooked up to a machine all day, everyday. I thought you were as well.

Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
3) How did you come to the conclusion that you "metabolize carbohydrates very quickly"? What tests did you run?
Metabolic typing. Advanced MT questionnaire.