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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
Way to bitch out. I guess it wouldn't look good to be honest and admit that you're some out-of-shape pre-med student who can't lift shit at the gym and usually just spends his workout time in the sauna with his "buddies". Oh well. Maybe when you grow a pair you'll be man enough to answer a question. Til then, keep making up stuff and acting like a self-righteous prick.
1. not a med student.
2. not out of shape
3. dont act like you didnt have fun in the sauna with me yesterday.
4. internet numbers are meaningless. i post my numbers, and your response is one of two things. either you call me a liar and tell me im pulling numbers out of my ass, or im a weak little bitch because you can lift 11x what i can in every lift. resorting to lift numbers is the most bro-tarded direction to take a discussion. anyone with half a clue wouldnt need to be told this.