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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
You expect me to wade through pages of posts spanning 3 different threads to find a few quotes that you're going to brush off anyway? Yeah right. I ain't doing your job for you.

I specifically made mention of people having sensitivities to dairy, it causing mucus, etc. I also mentioned that whole grains are a crucial part of a healthy diet as well but should be avoided for those with gluten sensitivities.
I go by what I see and haven't seen mention of food sensitivities. You act as if you have 120,000 posts on this forum, and it would hard to weed through them to find the post regarding gluten and dairy sensitivity. I applaud you if you did indeed mention it.

Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
Once again, it DOES NOT promote muscle wasting. My plan is to make vegetables (namely salads) the crux of ones daily diet, keeping their hunger in check and supplying vital nutrients.

I never said eat ONLY salad. You seem to only see black & white (not to mention you only read about 20% of what I've written and then make half-assed assumptions based on that).

What I said is START every meal with a small salad, then add on whatever else you were planning (assuming it's part of a healthy diet. I have to add that disclaimer because jerks like you will immediately come back with "so I can eat burgers and ribs here?").

So a lunch might look something like:

- Small salad
- Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, no mayo

Dinner might look like:

- Small salad
- Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables

Now please explain to me how THAT is muscle wasting.
Where is the physiology that I asked for? Explain to me the physiology of how your weight loss meal plan you posted promotes muscle preservation and fat loss.

A salad and water based diet with only two protein sources a day will not preserve muscle mass. You would lose weight, but it would be at the expense of body composition which negatively affects chances of long term success.

Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
So you read an article in Cosmo and that makes you an expert, yet I, who have verified everything I say with experience, am misguided? LOL.
Right, I got it from Cosmo. The questionnaire is very extensive and identifies autonomic nervous system dominance and oxidative rate -- two key factors that govern metabolism.