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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post

What you're completely ignoring and what is crucial to the diet I outlined is the "cheat" day. This is the day when you intake all of what you say is missing.

The most effective weight loss is done with fasting/gorging cycles. If you get on a steady-state diet your body will adapt and your gains (or rather losses in this case) will plateau. The key is eating in cycles.

These cycles can either be daily, with strictly regulated calorie intake during the day followed by a gorging (and when I say gorging, I don't mean eating crap, I mean eating wholesome foods but in whatever measure you deem sufficient) meal at night, or these cycles can be longer, such as several days of restricted calorie intake followed by a day of gorging.

I've found this to be the most effective way to lose weight (and by "weight" I mean fat).
I guess I am not going to get that physiology question answered that I've asked three times I believe.

We are not talking adaptation to weight training here. If a person is in a calorie deficit, they will lose weight. The type of weight loss that occurs will be determined by where the calories are coming from. The body may rebel is if it not getting enough nutrients via diet due to too extreme a calorie deficit (malnourished).

I would avoid using the word "gorge" with people looking to lose weight. Having real world experience with individuals who desire weight loss, providing a cheat day (which you must have mentioned in another thread) is not ideal as one cheat day will turn into three cheat days during some weeks. In addition, why would I have a day of gorging when I am trying to lose weight? Gorging is a word that implies a calorie surplus. That would be a step in the wrong direction.

Your strategy of using a cheat/gorge day would be one that I would employ with a hard gainer who trying to put on mass (weight gain) not a one looking for weight loss.