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what area are you in boss?
Chicago 'burbs. Looks like we're going to get some evergreens planted in the back for privacy screening AND it is supposed to rain again this weekend. I think I'm just going to put down my prodiamine, humic, and a fert. I'll aerate the back but only spot seed in front. At least I am well stocked on grass seed for next year.

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I never understood why put down pre emergent during the Fall to prevent weeds in the Springtime but yet we still put down pre emergent in the Springtime? for the last 2 seasons I have not noticed any difference with not putting down pre emergent in the Fall. at least for cool season lawns. Plus with Falltime most grasses are already getting prepared to go dormant so if anything the best thing to do that I notice that works for me is just to put down your last application of fertilizer
I had a TON of weeds popping up recently. Dandelion, oxalis, spurge, clover. Frickin' crazy. I spot sprayed the front pretty good but left the back since some of them are annuals. The dandelion is perennial but I'll scorch them next spring.