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Originally Posted by ghaffari46 View Post
M performance vs real m: totally different animals and bmw knows that. They may have same horse power but the power delivery, weight, chassis rolling are totally different between these 2 segments.
M performance is high performance street car, real M is a track car (. Depending your definition of track) that can be used on the street.
Whoever drives M550 vs m5, or m2 vs m240 know what I'm talking about.
I disagree there, but I see where you're coming from. I've owned 5 M-cars: 2 M3s, an M5, an M4 and an X5M.

First off, if an X5M is a "real" M car, it is definitely not built for the track. Can it do impressive things on a track? Yes, but those accomplishments will ALWAYS be conditioned by the phrase "for an SAV". It's not a pure track car. For anyone.

And...last November I went to Barber Motorsports for a Porsche driving clinic (my 3rd opportunity to do this). I can honestly say that when a Porsche is on a track, it looks and feels like it belongs there. I can't say that for any of my M cars. They always felt like amazingly capable compromises...but compromises nonetheless.

Yes, they do amazing things. But I've never looked at (or driven) an M car and thought "this car truly belongs on a track".

Many will disagree, which is the beauty of forums like this. But that's my opinion.
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