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This right here is Tesla’s biggest up-hill battle, which also happens to be humanities biggest underlying battle. Convincing the masses who refuse to look at facts, data, progress, who over react to one incident of idiots doing illegal things and blame a car-shaped hunk of metal as the root cause overlooking the obvious fact it was two people that committed suicide (accidental or intentional), think robots are invading and technology is out to get us, put two fingers up in the shape of a cross at “innovation”, prefer to use illogical reasoning as the the starting point of a flawed argument then heap on more unfounded wild assumptions to bolster it. Prefer not to use common sense or reasoning and go with initial reaction without fully understanding.

For every person who died in a Tesla by an error of the car, the Tesla is estimated to have saved hundreds of thousands of real lives with it’s advanced safety features and it’s getting better EVERY DAY… That ratio is VERY acceptable to me, but maybe not everyone, so what’s your ratio?

How does one dispute any of the following:
- lets make humanity better
- lets make cars safer for occupants, and pets too
- lets make cars safer for all those outside the car
- lets make technology that aids drivers when they make a mistake, because they will
- lets make the car exciting
- lets take advantage of technology to improve the life of people
- lets set high goals and challenge ourselves to do something amazing
- lets help the environment by being the catalyst to EV’s
- lets take ownership for each issue, and immediately resolve them for ALL our owners
- lets challenge the legacy auto makers who stifle progress and over-charge
- for American’s… lets support an American owned & operated company
- for other countries, lets support a local manufacturer creating tens of thousands of jobs
- for BMW owners, you don’t think Tesla lit a raging fire under their pants to make a better BMW?

The list goes on and on and on. And all that the masses see is… Tesla is the problem when two idiots commit suicide by auto accident. I feel for the families and impacts of these losses. But it ain’t the car’s fault, and it ain’t Tesla’s fault. Do you blame hammer when you smash your finger on a missed swing? Sue Stanley? Sue Home Depot to make a better hammer? Or should you pay attention and wear a glove?

Tesla is the safest vehicle on the road FACT, it’s 10x safer than vehicles without advanced safety features, and it’s 4x safer than any BMW on the road. All FACTS. Yet it’s the Tesla car that’s problem?

Have a look here:
Or check out any of the government safety ratings which Teslas are consistently highest

It’s amazing how many people are against safety, progress, innovation, inspiring others? And over all this, how many will side with manufactured fake news stories produced by short-sellers trying to get Tesla stock to fall.

I don’t own a Tesla, never have, don’t know if I will. but it blows my mind how anyone can see anything other than a company of good people trying to do great things.

Sorry for the rant, don’t mean to offend… but things are off the rails these days. How do we get back on them?
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