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I think this is being looking into too deep. I used to run a 13 minute ish two mile. When I was on active duty and running a few days a week. I will be back into that once the semester starts. I am not new to running, just haven't been consistent with it in a while. I just need to know that if I am running a 14:59 2 mile today when I ran a 15:23 a couple of days ago, if I continue what I am doing should I be down to a 14:30 or so...

and if I am running a 14:30 on the treadmill should I even worry about hitting a 16:36 on the track or outdoors. My legs are strong, I've been lifting for years and I'm not a novice to working out I am just worried about variables and if they would really affect the run to the point where it adds 1:30-2:00 to my run. I really don't think so but what do you think?

Sometimes all it takes is running the two mile to get better at the two mile. I am not trying to cut off tons of time. I just need to make the two mile in 16:36 which is really a lot of time.

I'm worried about the variables and if they really matter that much? I also think that when it comes down to it, knowing the importance of the run makes people pull effort out of there ass to not fail.