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Well... Rather than exploiting these workers with low wages, and taxpayers picking up the tab for their social services (estimated at $25.4B/yr - or $2300+ per CA family), maybe the farmers should hire citizens, and pay them more?

CA schools spend something like 57% of their budget educating the children of illegals, and the next-highest line item is incarceration and policing. Maybe tomatoes should cost more?

Most people would likely rather pay more for produce, and less in taxes.
I never understood the "exploiting these workers", farmer offers them a job and they take it, they are welcome to move along or go back home. Same with Nike paying $2 a day in Bangladesh.

I do agree that if we were really interested in stopping illegals it would make the most sense to go after the people that employ them. No jobs would stop the problem but we aren't willing to go after the business owner as he votes and is a good American that pays his taxes.

Also wonder about your numbers and where they come from. "CA schools spend something like 57% of their budget educating the children of illegals" so the other other 43% goes to education for non illegals, roads, police, jails, fire, state government, state medical care, etc? I am interested in seeing where this number came from.

Illegals do pay some taxes, mostly sales and property taxes (as a previous apartment owner I can tell you the tenants are paying the taxes indirectly) and having a legal, minimum wage job won't change the total much as people making minimum wage have minimal taxes taken out.
American employers pay them less than market wages; that's exploitation.

They over-utilize services in communities where they live; that's corporate welfare.

You're a slumlord? You should know this.

Also look at studies
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