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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
American employers pay them less than market wages; that's exploitation.

They over-utilize services in communities where they live; that's corporate welfare.

You're a slumlord? You should know this.

Also look at studies
I don't agree on the exploitation.

Not following the slumlord reference or what it has to do with the conversation.

Not following the corporate welfare reference either -
cor·po·rate wel·fare - government support or subsidy of private business, such as by tax incentives.
You're saying illegal immigrants are actually support of private companies by the government? You sure you don't mean government welfare?

Not following the point of the Snopes link, something specific in it?

With the "Independent Sentinel" link, seems amateurish at best. I personally wouldn't use them as a reference for anything.

California runs like a socialist country of its own. they spend $25 billion a year on illegal aliens and ignore their infrastructure. Their priorities are foreigners above all.
If an employer illegally hires children and pays them less than minimum wage - that's exploitation. Illegally hiring illegals and paying them less than you would pay a citizen (and not paying for benefits, workers comp, employment taxes, etc.) is similarly exploitative.

Corporate welfare is when the above employer doesn't pay benefits, so the illegals fall back in social services at the taxpayer's expense.

The Snopes link is a partial listing of where taxpayer money goes to support illegals - largely because employers aren't paying for it or providing it.

Apologies - I think I read your post wrong. Thought you said you owned apartments and rented to illegals; am now thinking you just meant how tenants pay taxes embedded in the rent.
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