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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
I watched a lady using the assisted chin-up/pull-up machine by stepping on the pad that you are supposed to put your knees on. Then she proceeded to push down the pad alternating her feet like she was using it as a leg press. Everyone in proximity was staring and looking around at each other with baffled looks on their faces. To go a step further, she only had 10 pounds on it.

I see all kinds of crazy misuse of equipment. I'll start making mental notes and sharing them here.

Seen something similiar...but involved a man and he had around 100lbs of assisted weight pinned on it. Anyways he stepped off at the bottom steps and the pad flew up nailing him right in the balls.

Nobody knew what to do as I guess they didn't want to embarrass him further, so anyone close to him just scattered as he lay in the floor for awhile!
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