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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Seen something similiar...but involved a man and he had around 100lbs of assisted weight pinned on it. Anyways he stepped off at the bottom steps and the pad flew up nailing him right in the balls.

Nobody knew what to do as I guess they didn't want to embarrass him further, so anyone close to him just scattered as he lay in the floor for awhile!
Too damn funny!! I see people sit on the pad and stradle it with both legs hanging over the sides. It just looks awkward. I also watched a new guy trying to show off in front of his wife the other night. I'm assuming that he didn't understand the mechanics of the machine. The less weight you have pinned the more of your own body weight you're pulling up. He had all the weight pinned, got on the pad and it didn't lower at all. He kept trying until it lowered slowly, I imagine it was roughly his body weight. He did around 5, then got off the thing and strutted around with his chest all pumped out. The guy next to me and myself were dying laughing. Congrats buddy, you just lifted nothing 5 times. I don't know how he didn't catapult himself through the drop ceiling.