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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Like hiring the ex-NFL player Donte Stallworth as their Politics Fellow covering National Security? Who thinks 9-11 was and inside job, was in the NFL's substance abuse program prior to killing a pedestrian with his Bentley, while drunk and high? He has no qualifications at all to cover the topic of National Security, other than being a threat. Can't wait to see what he writes.

Well, I don't know Mr. Stallworth, nor anything about him. The thing about politics is that literally anyone can have a perspective on any issue, and there will surely be some community that shares it with them. One may agree or disagree with another's political viewpoints, but one can't call them invalid or wrong, although one can press them to make a cogent case for their position.

So long as Mr. Stallworth sticks to offering opinions that he can soundly support, accurately reports facts, and eschews rewriting the facts, there's little to say he's any better or worse than any other political pundit. As far as reporting news goes, the man's cognitive ability doesn't matter. The reporter's ideas, and those of the new organization, don't belong in a news story.

Being that news, not opinion, is about facts, just about anyone can present them, especially in writing, provided they can write at a 6th grade level. "Who, what, when, where" and "how," that is the realm of news. "Why" and "what the impact will be" is the land of commentary, except when a protagonist expressly offers the reason for their actions or beliefs.

Having said all that, I haven't knowingly read anything the man has written. I may share your view that he is a loon, but I don't think that his being one, and The HP hiring him, is a reason to discount the factual information he reports and that The HP publishes.

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