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Originally Posted by 5against8 View Post
ynguldyn, there is a rumor around my local dealer (supposedly from BMWUSA marketing/sales) that the X5 M50i (N63TU3) will not come to the US in MY2020 and that we will keep the regular "50i" from MY2019. Everything else I've heard is contrary to this (including from you). Any update on this? Or should we still expect the M50i?
This rumor is plausible - we've seen US cars being delayed in their transition to the new engines before: F30 LCI became 330i B48 in Europe right away, while in the US there was one year of 328i N20/N26 LCI, and the current EU G30 530i is B48TU, while the US one is still the original B46. In the case of the F30 it was actually a very late decision: the US LCI was supposed to have B48 until maybe a year before introduction. So, even though right now all X5 M50i are MY2020, delaying it for some or all markets would not be unusual at all.

Oh, and one more thing: the N63TU3 training manual explicitly states that N63B44M3 is a transitional engine that will be quickly phased out, so BMW is not even hiding this fact from their US technicians.