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Originally Posted by direwolfM3 View Post
Although I don't condone the bombs from Palestine, try not to be so narrow sighted and figure out why this happens. I'll give you a few hints. Occupation, stealing land, blockade… Palestinians are fighting for their freedom.
And here's a few hints:

1. It's not about seeking a resolution. The Israeli's gave Yasir Arafat virtually everything he asked for, multiple times in the 1990's. He refused to accept their concessions, and continued the conflict.

2. Palestinians (as evidenced by the Hamas Charter) are not motivated to seek their "freedom," but rather are seeking genocide of the Israeli's.

3. Israelis' are fighting for their lives.

4. This has gone on for decades - since Israel was re-established in 1948.

Frankly, you are being narrow-sighted if you don't recognize the ongoing Palestinian attempts at manipulation of the media and public opinion.
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