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Originally Posted by E92LNGCGY View Post
That motor looks like it revs really quickly to redline. The car has 330hp but does it "feel" faster than the numbers say? How is the torque? I drove a Boxster S (have not driven GTS) while the car is awesome in many ways I just feel it lacks a bit of torque down low. I believe the GTS has about 7 lb-ft more and hope Porsche change the torque delivery to give it more kick lower in rpm.
Well it's difficult to say as a fact that the torque curve is better in the GTS. I personally don't like torque. I am more of a high rev guy. But I understand in the States torque is a lot more convenient and necessary than here in Germany. I never felt it lacked torque. Of course it's not a torquey car, but it definitely feels faster than the numbers say. Especially because of that amazing sound. I would definitely buy this car. It's absolutely fantastic imo.

BTW I am driving the GT3 at the moment and it's everything but torquey. No much happens below 5k RPM. But it's fun But I would never buy it for my home in LA. But you will hear more about it when I do my review.

Thanks for the questions

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