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Originally Posted by Bt12 View Post
I’m not sure where the commentary around income plays through?... EV’s on a fully loaded operating cost is comparable on a monthly basis based on a $200/kwh battery. It’s just that the sales price is higher but once you load on operating costs, ev’s and ice’s are nearly the same cost of ownership
It's not that simple. What use does a farmer have for an EV? Or a rancher? Or a construction worker? A contractor? Or a single mother of three who works multiple jobs to keep her kids fed and out of trouble?

The problem is also socioeconomic. Please tell me how a janitor who drives a 10-year-old Dodge Ram pickup to work is going to find a way to have an EV. There are tens of millions of these salt-of-the-earth people in our country, and most have absolutely no use or desire for an EV -- in fact, owning one would be a significant hindrance until the EV's practical viability is comparable to an ICE in nearly all measures.
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