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Yeah, why in the world would you need them at even 10% of the gas stations? Put them on interstates and that should cover it. With home charging and a 300 mile range, I would not have used a gas station in the last five years.
Our friend has a Tesla S (he is a fan), yet he has a lead foot too. With his style of driving 300 miles only last for 150 real miles. Basically if he wants to go someplace that is more than 75 miles he needs to plan his trip and charge to get back home. Not fun. Or - drive slower - then he gets home just fine, but ..... driving slow is not fun either. No matter how you put it - it's not for everyone. If you take current population of drivers - maybe 25% can theoretically benefit using Tesla (in reality it will be much less than that). And that is financial issues aside
But how often is he more than 75 miles from home? These assumptions always presume that you've only got one car or only EV's. I can't think of the last time I've been more than 40 miles from my home without a plan where I could have easily taken our other car. In reality, I could make an i3 work without any real compromises. Give it 4x the range of the original BEV and I can't really think more than 1% if the population couldn't make that work as a daily driver, especially if they have an ICE or hybrid as a second or third car.