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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
It's not that simple. What use does a farmer have for an EV? Or a rancher? Or a construction worker? A contractor? Or a single mother of three who works multiple jobs to keep her kids fed and out of trouble?

The problem is also socioeconomic. Please tell me how a janitor who drives a 10-year-old Dodge Ram pickup to work is going to find a way to have an EV. There are tens of millions of these salt-of-the-earth people in our country, and most have absolutely no use or desire for an EV -- in fact, owning one would be a significant hindrance until the EV's practical viability is comparable to an ICE in nearly all measures.
Well, farmers are using electrically-powered drones now for ag spraying and crop inspection, so the march is proceeding and inevitable IMO. A janitor? Well if he is in the market for a new vehicle, hopefully he'll buy what makes economical sense. Economy of scale is bringing the EV down to this level, although it's not there yet. Contractor that needs to haul a bunch of tools and stuff? Same basic idea, economy of scale and no specialized vehicles yet, but plenty of tools have transitioned over to electric, so the path seems pretty clear. Contractors for the most part are just going to work locations and taking their tools, so once a platform makes sense, that will probably make sense for those that are reaching the end of their current vehicle's useful life.
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