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Many folks here are too optimistic. EV seem to be the future, but it's not guaranteed. At the current level of technology we can't sustain even 5% of population to have EVs. There's systemic issues in the country, not to mention the rest of the world. With exception of handful of countries 95% of world will never be able to go full EV in our lifetime (and I'm been optimistic). There's huge issues with battery production, rare earth element shortage, electric grid inability to sustain current state of affairs even without any EVs charged at homes or anywhere else. Solar panels need rare earth elements too (surprise) and it's a viscous cycle. Political issues, unresolved and not even close to be solved. There's tons of things to be fixed. At this point all we are looking at - hybrids ladies and gentlemen. Forget about EVs for mass market. Hybrids are the near future. Like for next 25-35 years