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It's not that simple. What use does a farmer have for an EV? Or a rancher? Or a construction worker? A contractor? Or a single mother of three who works multiple jobs to keep her kids fed and out of trouble?

The problem is also socioeconomic. Please tell me how a janitor who drives a 10-year-old Dodge Ram pickup to work is going to find a way to have an EV. There are tens of millions of these salt-of-the-earth people in our country, and most have absolutely no use or desire for an EV -- in fact, owning one would be a significant hindrance until the EV's practical viability is comparable to an ICE in nearly all measures.
I'm gas free for about 5 years now
I have not had to deal with any ICE related stuff for this long and i absolutely love it!
I love the fact that i'm not spending hours at the gas stations annually.
I love the fact that i can keep my car running while it's inside of my garage with the baby asleep.
I love that i do not spend any $$ to operate my car.
I love to take it on road trips (autopilot, space and cost is amaizing)

P.S. Someone mentioned that the only fun thing about tesla is 0-60. Go drive one
It handles and accelerates a lot better than comparable car, while being extremely comfortable
BMWs are not the same anymore
Great! Now: What do you do for a living, and how much do you make a year?

Yeah. Thought so. You, sir, are driving a nearly six-figure EV. Please don't insult the collective intelligence of this forum and compare yourself to, say, that mother I mentioned earlier.

(Oh, and I've driven a Tesla. Several, in fact, including a first-gen Roadster. Handling is OK; most of that benefit is the low CoG. Thanks, but I'll keep my Porsche and bank on Mission E.)
Definitely not trying to insult anyone here.
In fact, not sure how it would be possible when ppl talking about Porsche and others on BMW forums
I'm not a high-income household. Just an average American with a single car.
Owning Tesla is actually cheaper for me than any large German SUVs. It was another reason I purchased it, besides other benefits