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Originally Posted by direwolfM
Although I don't condone the bombs from Palestine, try not to be so narrow sighted and figure out why this happens. I'll give you a few hints. Occupation, stealing land, blockade… Palestinians are fighting for their freedom.
In some cases, "why" really doesn't matter. The situation in Israel is one of them.

"Figuring out" why folks are doing what they do is big part of why the problems persist. Doing that necessarily forces one to speculate and develop one's own preconceived notions about another's behavior. Quite often, those notions prejudice one against being able to achieve a solution because one has become so aggrieved by one's feelings of having been wronged and by wanting to assign blame for those wrongs.

Sitting down with the people who are conducting those actions, asking them directly to identify what their issues are, and working with them to find actions that will correct the problem is a far more efficient use of resources.

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