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well such victories was there as well in Schumacher - Ferrari era as well my friend and you know it.. it can bring up suspicion.. but bringing suspicion is one thing finding something that they re cheating with some grounds is another thing...

Merc' joining F1 again at the right time (rule change) is a coincidence in your opinion? i think timing was like it was planned and it is planned of course for such a company.. Merc' did a lot of different types of engines throughout its history in F1.. only thing i can tell you my friend is good luck finding something that Merc's cheat with some rational grounds.. even if you look Merc' road cars its in uptrend in last 4-5 years as well, the story is pretty complete..

remember the times Schumi was long way ahead but he was spinning because of lack of concentration? Lewis always push for more and makes few mistakes and when he does he recovers.. he almost perfected his driving in last 2-3 years already.. and best drivers do take the best seats.. there is a reason why best drivers in best seats in F1.. it was always like this.. and besides.. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 seasons.. Lewis wasnt in the best car but he won 22 races and 1 tittle, at least one victory in each season.. how many drivers on the grid have more than 22 victories and 1 title nowadays? not much.. stats are clear my friend..
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