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Originally Posted by w3rkn View Post
Broken record
Scott, You keep seeking new customers, but your not pleasing the customers you've had for 25+ years. Whom have been leaving the brand because you won't listen.

Frustrating, that YOU offer a BMW hatch back, & wagons elsewhere, but no such thing exists in united states. So, the BMW portfolio is not complete here and when you sit on that side of the ocean telling us what we need, it becomes a problematic lie. I see the BMW portfolio cluttered and too spread out, not delivering anything whole, just bits & pieces of options that are best fit, instead of exact fit. There use to be a time, that no matter what BMW it was, I loved it/them. I would've taken any of the cars BMW made 20 years ago. Today that is much different, I wouldn't want to own hardly any of the cars BMW makes today save a few notable ones. So muddled.

IMO; Utter lack of focus on the customer. More focus was being paid to non-customers, than customers and it shows.

Lastly, I really hope the M2 is a work of art, otherwise I moving to a brand that has value to me. Problem is, there is no M2, no picture of an M2 and only the dangling carrot of an M2 in three years time. THREE YEARS!
I am all for more US models of wagons. We already have the F31 328xi, and in the past have had the E91, E61, E46, E39 and E34. But if you haven't noticed the US is not the ideal market for a wagon, for any car. With the exception of maybe WRX's what other car sells the same sedans as it does wagon/hatch. BMW knows this, and they know the EU market is much friendlier to wagons. It's not like they just throw darts at a board to pick which models get sent to the states, there is extensive market research and government rules and regulations to follow.

And 3 years seems much for the thought of a M2, but just look at the F80 M3. The F30 has been out since MY2012 and the F80 is going to be a MY2015. 3 years for that, why is it okay for that and it is outlandish for that to be the timeline for the M2?