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$1000 to lease a convert? Will it get better?

My lease is up on my Z4 and I wanted to get the new E93, but at full MSRP, high money factors, and low residuals, the payments are around $1000. Just not a good value IMO. I just can't justify spending that much for a 3 series. I think you can get into a 6 series for that much.

Anyhow, don't flame me but I'm actually considering a 15 month lease on a G35 coupe for just over $500 a month. I figure in 15 months, the lease cost on the E93 should be reasonable. Hopefully, $1500 off MSRP and money factors around .0018. Is this realistic?

I know, the G35 is not a BMW, but it's a fair value at least.

Is this a good strategy or just wishful thinking?