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Originally Posted by nakamuru View Post
I have a gf who moved about one hour twenty minutes away and each week I visit and spend all day with her. I own a 2019 x3 and has about 10k miles for year one. (just turned one lol). And my original plan was to have it like 5-6 k miles a year to preserve it (i like detail cars etc.). But now since she moved , i'll be putting probally 250 miles on the trip alone (will be driving around the city etc , date night ). Part of me wants to just use my other car which is a mazda 3 with 185k miles I use for work etc, but seems no girl really likes that even though they don't mind (they like the finer things right). Anyways, I'll be using up lot of gas and lot of money on different date stuff and wondering if any of you guys have to visit your gf and drive long distance and rack up the miles. Now I'm guessing I'll be putting around 12-14k miles a year now (which is around avg but guess preserving is out of question).

Well, guess this will be good test of my patience and if it doesn't work out then, I'll just resell my car in few years and get a better car and remember to not find significant other that lives far. lol
The X3 was made to be driven so drive it and your gf wont be your gf much longer if you make her sit in a beater Mazda lol