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Thanks for the detailed write up. Most "reviews" have only heaped mindless praise on the car. But based on some more honest reviews, including yours, it seems the steering is typical fare for Porsche (and nearly all EPS racks). Quick and accurate but is dead on-center, not very stiff, and pretty boring overall. The car probably feels pretty uninvolving unless you are really hooning it.

I was thinking the same thing about driving this car (or any EV) through corners. It's obviously very fast, most likely objectively faster than an ICE vehicle, but the driving takes a lot less skill which kills the fun. You are merely accelerating and braking a very heavy car. A lot of the fun involves throwing a nimble car into turns, watching the RPMs, shifting the gears (even in an auto with "manual" mode), hearing the exhaust note, etc.

I'd imagine the Taycan will mainly be purchased by current Porsche customers looking for a trendy DD.
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