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a friend is a McLaren/BMW/Porsche owner, his review was better than yours, though that was his "test" drive electric vehicle (he couldn't be bothered with Tesla) at one of those Porsche event. His view was acceleration wise, this will outgun almost all ICE (he purposely drove McLaren on the way to the event to have a same day comparison basis), he liked the handling (his wasn't with rear steering though).
Brooks from drag times just did a big video on the turbo S. On an Unprepped drag strip it did 10.5@130 mph, and 0-60 in 2.4. He said it has 10.4 on a prepped surface. The model S is nowhere near that trap speed - I recall they trap 124-125 so the Taycan really moves and some of the track times are ultra impressive like the Top Gear track it matches one of the Koenigseggs.
Tesla can't match the drag strip times due to the outdated battery compared to the new battery tech in the Model 3 as well as the lack of power at the top end, which the Porsche has due to the 2-speed trans, however it will be interesting to see how the Plaid model will do when it comes out (eventually...)
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