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Originally Posted by gjm120 View Post
Probably just timing, but, that doesn't make it positive. I do believe that millennials have had it generally easier than previous generations and have a hard time accepting that things don't always go your way. Maybe baby boomers had it easy as well. Not the same absolute level of material 'stuff' but still a lot more relative to previous generations. And that showed in some of the excesses of some in that group.

I think I'm guilty of a thread jacking
I hate the bad rap that millennials always get. I am one but definitely not the stereotypical(in the eyes of media and Gen X) millennial but this annoys me so much. Studies/analysis have proven that we are not really any more lazy or entitled than any other generation. And you guys(not you specifically) are the ones that raised "us" so if anything you are partly to blame.

I do agree on the PC and everyone's a winner aspect though.