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I hate the bad rap that millennials always get. I am one but definitely not the stereotypical(in the eyes of media and Gen X) millennial but this annoys me so much. Studies/analysis have proven that we are not really any more lazy or entitled than any other generation. And you guys(not you specifically) are the ones that raised "us" so if anything you are partly to blame.

I do agree on the PC and everyone's a winner aspect though.
Stereotyping Millennials, like any stereotyping, results in being wrong a lot of the time. Having said that, carrying on with the BabyBoomer / Millennial comparison - BabyBoomers "misbehaved" with some of the anit-war protests, campus takeovers, etc, etc. They were protesting a war where people were being killed and maimed in large numbers. (admit that many of the protestors and rioters were just caught up in the fun). Now fast forward to Trump's election. Some of the Millennial reaction is nearly comical. And the nonsense going on in Universities is truly comical. Pets to calm the hurt from the election, time off, and on and on. Just the other day a friend sent me a link where a professor at my Alma Mater is allowing students to choose their grade if they don't agree with the grade given to them as a stress reduction measure. And this is a fairly conservative school and not a sort of fluff course.

My very cynical assessment is that Millennials are being played by big business (not oil or steel or auto) for their $$ and being played by one political party for votes. By the links you posted I don't think you are being manipulated.
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