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Originally Posted by backhill View Post
I just turned in my 1LE lease earlier this summer and traded for a newborn son.

The 1LE should be looked at and test driven. The C7 feels like more of a freeway cruiser and is generally softer around town. You get much more out of the 1LE in terms of visceral driving experience with the suspension and chassis set up The power train is all the same (same V8, no lift shift, rev matching, etc.). And back seats, or as my wife put it, the rear storage bench. I have on a few occasions fit some 6'+ people back there, but only for short trips. You can also do a E85 tune and full exhaust and really wake it up if you want to. Or get the ZL1 and have all the power you'll ever need.

Visibility wise, you get used to it within a couple of days. It's really not much better, if at all, in the C7. Camaro is 12" longer, but for that you get more leg room and practicality if that's a need.

My friend found a used 2017 1LE with 1.5k miles for just a shade over $30k this past spring in a southern state and brought it back up to Michigan. The protective plastic was still on the entertainment screen. If you're patient, you'll find a good one. IMO, the 2018 refresh was a step backward in looks.
1LE is a monster. It's fun to have something that aggressive, but it's not too aggressive for daily driving and most other situations. This is a sad week, as I am going to install my winter wheels on it...and they aren't 305s. The alpha chassis camaro is deceivingly small. It somehow manages to "appear" wider, but in reality it's significantly smaller in every dimension than the previous camaro, it just doesn't look it. In my garage, I expect it to be "full" when I park it close to one of the ends, but then there's a huge gap behind the vehicle because it's shorter than I expect. They really went out of the way to make it (the chassis) as stiff as possible.
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