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Personally I'd pick Supra over Z4 simply because I prefer closed roof. Supra is significantly cheaper than Z4--a loaded 3.0 Premium is about 58k while M40i approaches 70k (although Toyota got "stuck" with last gen switch gears (HVAC control, gear shifter, infotainment, ect. and a detuned engine). I think the quoted 335 hp on Supra is underrated (Euro-spec has particulate filter but makes the same 335 hp)--it may not make the full 382 hp as Z4, but 360ish seems more reasonable. 0-60 in 4.1s is pretty good, considering regular M2 with 365 hp is also 4.1s while M2C with 405 hp does the same deed in 4s flat. Unlike so-called "Supra fanboys" who bemoan the use of BMW parts in a Supra, I personally don't see that as a negative. After all, aren't BMW and MB engines used in many other makes, some much more exotic than BMW/MB themselves.