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Originally Posted by TS135i View Post
I was watching the news and saw he recently declared in the US that Iran and ISIS are one and the same because they both use the title Islamic... This man is a nut case, luckily in Australia we have laws that prohibit people from defaming religion in that manor, I was shocked he was able to get away with such a speech.
I believe Iran is helping the US and other nations to eliminate ISIS.
What you "believe" is an absolute shame and just proves that progressive, liberal rags are even just as pervasive down under... The point he was trying to make for the tone deaf is that they are one in the same as they use their so called "religion" as what drives them to do the absolutely atrocious acts that they are so well known for.

What was SOOOOOO shocking? He clearly and coherently laid out the basis of the real threat that Iran poses, not just for his country but the entire Middle East and the world. I take it that a well spoken man who can back up what he has to say with hard concrete facts is a bit alarming as you are probably used to the hearing what you want to hear from the liar in chief that currently resides in the Oval Office.

If you actually believe that Iran is helping the U.S. you obviously have no clue on the subject of world politics in which you are trying to discuss and makes the case that you should stick to what you do know. Iran, the same country that is the biggest supporter and financial backer to terrorism. Iran, who shouts death to America day in day out. Iran, the country that has been playing the fool in chief now for 6 years with constant broken promises with it's nuclear program. Iran, who just not even one week ago staged a mock attack on a U.S. Navy ship the same week they are trying to "negotiate" a deal. I could go on and on and on but I feel that would be time wasted on people with tunnel vision and who are used to being spoon fed the false narrative issued by liberals.

Iran has only one goal and they make no bones about it... Death to America, Israel and the West but you're right they really are just trying to help us they are just misunderstood and it's all the big bad US fault because before 9/11 and they invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan the world lived in peace and harmony (cue in the CocaCola commercial music from the '80's). I suppose the '79 hostage crisis was our fault, or how about '83 embassy bombing in Beruit and then again in '84, how about the first attempt at the WTC in '93 or the USS Cole in 2000. If you actually cared to look you will find HUNDREDS of other examples these are just a few off the top of my head.

But your right, Iran and all the rest of those animals in the Middle East are just misunderstood and we are the provocateurs. You keep defending them to make yourself feel better about your own self abscessed guilt that has been engrained in you head by the progressive, liberal machine that is infecting the world like a plague. So yes, I can see how someone like Bibi can offend you. A strong and decisive leader is the threat to progressives all over the world because God forbid we hurt someone's feelings. I only wish we had someone like him here to lead with some balls unlike the neutered dog we currently have. I weep for the future...

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