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Originally Posted by bkM3 View Post
not the biggest bibi fan but he said what everybody was already thinking. anybody who thinks that a nuclear Iran wont try to attack israel (or even the US for that matter) is either stupid, ignorant, or blind. heck, they have openly stated that they would! he made some good points as far as us holding all the chips and that iran needs the deal much more than the rest of the world. a nuclear iran could very well start world war 3
Israel has nukes btw. In any case if you want change in Iran you have to make the hardliners look weak in the eyes of the Iranian people. Getting a deal hammered out that was then subsequently rejected by the hardliners would do that.

Remember, it's only because of "The Great Satan" the crazies stay in power. This is why the Ayatollah emphatically shot down any idea that they would coordinate with the U.S. on fighting ISIS

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