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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Say what?
Why does opposition to Israel's regime automatically make you a supporter of Iran?
I never accused you, or anyone else who opposes Israel's government, of being supporters of Iran.

You were the one who implied that to oppose Iranian's nuclear ambitions = being a "lap dog" of the Israeli's.

Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Unlike you, I'm not going to blindly declare Iranians as "savages" or assert myself above them when the United States has done, and continues to do things equally as brutal. This is all stemming from me saying I don't think it's America's business or in our interest to be Israel's lap dog - we (I) owe them nothing, and they deserve nothing.
If that is your logic, then you must also acknowledge Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, France, among many others, to be lap dogs of the Israeli's for their opposition to the nuclear armament of Iran.

And if you really think that the American government has the moral equivalence of the Iranian Ayatollahs, you must have a real jaded view of your own country.
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